Why I Run

As much as I love talking about food, I equally love talking about running so I decided I would change it up a bit with the blog posts.

Everyone has their own reasons for running.  My list may be longer than most, but I usually use this list (which has been in my head up until now) when I’m trying to help someone who wants to become a runner.


  1. To start my day off right.  I am, always have been, (and probably always will be) a morning runner.  Going for a run is the very first thing I do when I wake up.  Maybe that’s because I can get a workout in before my body really has time to  realize what I’m doing to it but I think it’s because it’s my way to start each day fresh.  Regardless of what happened the day before, I can start off on the right foot (no pun-intended) if I get a good run in before work.
  2. To stay (somewhat) sane.  My husband knows this is the most important point for me.  I know that it’s important to take rest days and I definitely take my fair share of them, however, when I do take one, I can feel it.  I am just not myself and I often feel “blah” for the rest of the day.  Running (and knowing that I have accomplished my workout) gives me a more positive attitude to go through my day with.
  3. Quality “Me” Time.  Even the most social people need alone time.  Running gives me the time to reflect on all my feelings & emotions and it allows me to think clearly and find solutions to any problems I’m currently facing.
  4. So that I can EAT.  Just because you run doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want.  But I LOVE to eat and running allows me to do that somewhat freely without having to count every calorie.  Not to mention that running 10+ miles every weekend gives me a reason to splurge without the guilt every now and then :).
  5. To have a sense of accomplishment.  Some people get this feeling when they complete project at work, some people get this feeling when they finish cleaning their house.  I get this feeling when I run.
  6. To stay healthy.  This is kind of no-brainer.  We only get one body, why would you not want to take care of it?  It isn’t about staying thin, it’s about staying healthy.
  7. It can be done almost anywhere.  Running is one of the most versatile exercises.  I don’t have to stress about getting a workout in on vacation because I’ll most likely be able to find a place to run.  You don’t need a pool, you don’t need a bike, and there are ALWAYS treadmills at any gym.  No excuses!

The list goes on and on and I’m sure if I sat here long enough, I would think about 100 more to write about but I won’t bore you with all of those.  Keep Running!


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