How to Get Out of a Running Slump

Do you ever find yourself in a “running slump”?  I am one of those freaks that loves running but even we lovers of running can get into a rut.  Especially during the holidays and as the weather continues to get more and more frigid.

RunningSlumpI don’t have all the answers as to how to avoid one of these slumps, but I do have a few small tricks that have helped me get through my laziest days.

  1. Change up your running route – I love running on vacation because it means new scenery to look at.  But even if you’re not on vacation, who says you have to run the same old routes over and over again?  Change it up – learn new roads, tour different neighborhoods around you, soak in the scenery and enjoy.
  2. Add some new tunes to your playlist – This is another pretty obvious tip like the first.  Just adding a few new tunes to your playlist though can give you a nice little boost and something to look forward to on a typically mundane run.
  3. Take some time off – This tip is a little less obvious.  As an avid runner though, sometimes you just get burnt out.  If that’s the case, taking one or two days off isn’t going to kill you.  I have found that it makes me even more motivated when I finally do get out of my slump.  It allows you to start fresh with a clear mind and rested legs.
  4. Add in some interval training – If running a steady 5 miler just seems a little too boring, change it up and incorporate some sprint/jog intervals.  This will make your run go by faster and it will keep things interesting.
  5. Walk – If you just don’t feel like running, then don’t.  Walk!  Walking is great cross-training, super low-impact, and it keeps your legs moving without the stress that running puts on them.  So if you’re in a slump, forcing yourself to run will likely only make the slump worse.  Instead, walk.

Does anyone else have any tips as to how to get out of a running slump?

9 thoughts on “How to Get Out of a Running Slump

  1. Ani says:

    Try looking into upcoming races! Nothing gets me more excited than finding a new race I want to try 🙂 or if you’re not into racing, try running with a friend! Keeps you motivated and holds you accountable for getting out there haha

  2. fittingintovegan says:

    I have been in a running slump for almost two years. I completed my first 1/2 in March 2012 and fell off the running wagon….pretty much the day after. I still workout daily so I am not totally out the workout game, but the new year is going to have more runs in it.

    • wholefoodrunner says:

      I feel like your situation is pretty common once you go through the long training process for such a huge goal. Congrats on completing your first 1/2 though! You’ll get back on the running wagon I’m sure. Once a runner, always a runner 🙂

  3. Melinda says:

    I have my first 1/2 coming up on the 17th and I’m too inside my own head! I go out for a run and I just can’t settle in! I’m out there kicking my own a$$ and having a difficult time getting over the mental part. I’m really nervous about the race and it’s making my stress relieving running a source of stress! Ugh… 😦

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