Running During Pregnancy – 1st Trimester

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone has something fun planned this weekend. Our weekend plans are pretty much non-existent the next few weeks. I’m due with our first (a baby boy!) this Saturday – wow!


This pregnancy has really flown by. Especially this last trimester. Everyone said it would go by so slow but I have experienced the opposite. Maybe it’s because work has been so crazy, I really haven’t had time to think about anything else. Or it could be because I’m a little OCD and I want to make sure everything else in my life is in order before baby comes and let’s face it, that’s a pretty big task. Or it could be the puppy we just adopted – Paisley. She has pretty much taken over our lives this past month and we’re loving every minute of it! I know what you’re thinking, a puppy AND a baby? Are we crazy? Short answer – yes.

The only part that went by slowly was the first trimester. I was one of the unlucky ladies that wasn’t able to avoid the lovely pregnancy side-effect known as morning sickness. And they are right when they say that “morning” sickness is a lie. It doesn’t mean you are only sick in the morning (at least not for everyone. No no, this so-called morning sickness lasted for me ALL…DAY…LONG… In fact, I actually felt better in the morning than any other time of day. I was able to continue my routine of waking up early and running, before the sickness settled in.

I’m happy to report that running during pregnancy has been a breeze! I don’t think I’d be saying that if I was an afternoon or evening runner with the morning sickness was at it’s peak. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my “off” days but every runner – pregnant or not – has those anyway. There are a few other key changes I have had to make to my normal running routine in order to adjust:

  • First and foremost, I’ve had to slow down my pace. My normal weekday runs used to be at a 7:40 to 8:10 pace and I immediately had to drop that to a 8:45 to 9:25 pace (and my long runs were even slower, obviously).
  • Second, no more sprint/jog intervals (which I honestly didn’t miss at all).
  • Lastly – goodbye tempo runs!

IDuring the first trimester, I also ran a half-marathon in the pouring down rain with my boss – I was 12 weeks. It was a nice leisurely long run and this pregnancy has given me a break from myself and that voice in my head that constantly tells me to push a little harder. I had gotten so used to pushing myself in races that this was a nice change of pace (pun-intended) to get to run just for fun and by feel.


We finished the race in 2:12 – about a 10:06 min pace. Definitely not a PR but a 10 minute mile is exactly what I was expecting/planning to do so I’d say it was a success. Obviously, everyone and every pregnancy is different so take my experience with a grain of salt and make sure you adjust according to how YOU feel.

Have a great weekend – Happy Running!

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